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Once again I find myself staring at a cursor and wondering how words alone can be sufficient to express the gratitude, and spectrum of emotion that our family has received, not just on Sunday, September 14th, and the days leading to the 2nd Annual "I did it for Danielle" 5K Run / Walk... but let's begin within that time frame. During the days of preparing for the Run/Walk we watched as the list of people grew, and grew, so many of you wanting to do more than simply "Pray for Danielle", but to support her, encourage her, run/walk FOR her, while she is unable, and to offer financial support. 40 companies, families and individuals said "yes", in response to the question, "Will you be a Sponsor?". There were 525+ who registered to either Run, Walk or be a "There In Spirit" participant. Over 40 people (Josh Bluhm and the SHG Cross Country Team, Real Estate Group agents, friends, family and SO many more) came on the day of the event to Volunteer, allowing the entire event to flow without a hitch, directing people who had questions, handing out event bags, registering new event day participants, selling "Glitter Girlz" purple hairbands, distributing the FANTASTIC FOOD provided by "Nelson's Catering" and selling Raffle tickets for 2 vouchers for airfare, which were generously donated by Adolph and Jane Pichler.


Just before the race began, we shared a moment of prayer lead by our dear friend, Randy Aldrich. It was a very powerful moment as I knelt next to Danielle and everyone, 525+ people, prayed out loud to our Heavenly Father, "Please Heal Danielle." I closed my eyes and envisioned Danielle rising up out of her wheelchair, and my ears were strained to hear everyone's shouts of joy, and praise to The Father... but that moment was not the moment God has chosen, but I remain in faith that it IS coming, and each of you will know in your soul that you were indeed part of a Miracle, you asked and RECEIVED healing for Danielle, Physical confirmation that God heard and answered your many, many prayers for her.


Throughout the day we received so many great comments about the new venue - the Illinois State Fairgrounds Race Route, and about what a well-organized event it was, comments about the wonderful food, and Danielle was showered with compliments. Jeff and I were quite honestly overwhelmed by the number of people, and wanted to visit with each and everyone of you. When the day was over, and we talked about who we had the opportunity to briefly visit with, we exchanged comments of, "aw, I didn't get to see them", and "I missed the chance to talk with them... but we made eye contact." I WAS able to have the honor and privilege to visit with Brenna and her parents Evan and Courtney, who I pray for regularly and have watched stand in Faith, teach... and learn, encourage... and be encouraged, and although our journeys are very different, I have learned by their strength, faith and ability to use their challenges to help create awareness to help us all to see each other in a whole new and beautiful way. We received a HUGE surprise from a family that we have not seen for 4 years... Jessica and her family, drove miles to come and surprise us by attending the event. Jessica was a patient at RIC - The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago when Danielle was there. Seeing Jessica walking and talking, surrounded by her family and coming to offer support to Danielle flooded me with SO many joyous emotions. Miracles Happen, they really do, and there she was, a Miracle, standing right in front of us. There were so many people present with stories of their own, and each is a true Witness to God's Love, Mercy, and Healing.


Just over $26,000 was raised, and all of the proceeds were deposited directly into the "Danielle Loftus Fund". Again words are so sub-standard, so completely incompetent of expressing how grateful we are. Your prayers for Danielle and our family are truly enough, and we are so humbled by the continued Blessings of your support, both spiritually and financially during the 2014 Run/Walk for Danielle, every moment before the Run/Walk and, well... EVERY MOMENT!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and may God Bless each and every one of you.


First Place Men: David Wortman

Second Place Men: Mike Viano

Third Place Men: Shane Reschke


First Place Women: Katherine Petty

Second Place Women: Katie Eck

Third Place Women: Sarah Albrecht


Raffle Winner: Mark Koonz

Race Day Photos

Photo credit to Mike Baietto

Click the stopwatch to

see "Runner" Race day results/times.

Ready, Set, GO!

Video credit to Uncle Jamie

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THANK YOU to the wonderful Companies, Families and Individuals below.

The Run/Walk for Danielle could not happen without our Sponsors! 

Purple Sponsors (7)

Leather Journal Sponsors (7)

Loyal Friend Sponsors (12)

Rainy Day Sponsors (22)

If you would like to make a $50. donation directly to The Danielle Loftus Fund, a PayPal link is available below.

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