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Immediately following the accident, Danielle was transported via Ambulance to Memorial Medical Trauma Center, and immediately airlifted to St. Francis Children's Hospital in Peoria where she survived multiple surgeries and infections, remaining in Peds-ICU for 5 weeks. Danielle was then transferred by Ambulance to The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) for intensive therapies and 2 more surgeries, and remained there for 5 months. Danielle was able to return home in January 2011, where she receives 24 hour care from her parents and sisters.

Danielle remains in a semi-conscious state, and is unable to speak, eat or move any part of her body on command or with intention.  Danielle's daily routine includes multiple medications  daily which are crushed and injected via feeding tube and 3 tube feedings. Danielle needs to be transferred into her wheel chair, stretched, put into her "stander" for weight bearing,  and more. Danielle is completely dependent on others for all of her needs and has multiple therapies daily.

Before July 11th, Danielle was a vivacious and bubbly 14 year old. She was the girl who noticed someone sitting alone and would sit next to them and offer to listen. Whenever an Ambulance drove past, no matter what Danielle was doing, even if she was cantoring in the front of mass... she would make the sign of the cross, and pray for the person in the Ambulance, asking God to give them comfort and healing. Danielle loved rainy days, they were the perfect time to snuggle up in her favorite chair, put on some cozy, fuzzy socks and read a book. Danielle loved the feel of paper pages between her fingers, and writing in her daily journal, about life, her observations, her struggles. When Danielle was in an active mood, it was very hard to catch her. She was FAST, and determined to give 100%! "We continue to hold fast to our Faith and God's promises through his Holy Word, The Bible, that healing is coming, and Danielle will one day be whole again, running, jumping, singing, giving Glory to God through her thoughts, words and actions once more."

State Journal Register Article

It was our great pleasure to welcome into our home, Dean Olsen and Justin Fowler from SJ-R, to visit with us, and share a snip-it of our daily challenges and family life. Please follow this link to the article Featured on the front page of the Sunday, September 15, 2013 SJ-R.



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